When do you need a solicitor?

Getting divorced or purchasing a home in Rockhampton are some of the many situations that require the help of a solicitor, Rockhampton. Any situation that needs legal help is always a stressful event for anyone.

This makes it important to find the right solicitor, Rockhampton who will always have your back in any legal proceedings. Additionally, building a good relationship with a good solicitor can even make him/her act as your legal representative.

Some of the important decisions you need to make that needs the support of a good solicitor include:

Legal issues involving a home

Any related legal issues involving a home need legal advice and help from a reputable solicitor. You need help from a solicitor when you:

  • Conveyancing or purchasing or selling a property
  • Purchasing a property to let
  • Landlord disputes
  • Objecting or obtaining planning permission

Family legal issues

Family relationships often need help from an experienced solicitor to smooth things out. Some of the most common family legal issues include:

  • Child support
  • Getting divorced
  • Alimony
  • Pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements
  • Family disputes
  • Visitation rights
  • Legal separation

Business legal issues

Setting up a business can be rife with legal issues in the absence of a legal expert. It’s always best to hire a lawyer before setting up a business. This way, lawsuits, and disputes can be avoided rather than seek legal counsel only when facing a lawsuit. Some of the areas related to business that can be helped by an experienced solicitor include:

  • Filing for insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Employee/employer disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes

Legal issues involving your life

A lot of legal issues are involved in a person’s life. This includes:

  • Settling an estate or a will (probate)
  • Lasting power-of-attorney process
  • Legal disputes
  • Making a will
  • Criminal proceedings

Choosing the Right Solicitor

Various aspects of law from legal disputes, conveyancing, or divorce are the areas focused on by many solicitors. Your circumstances determine the choice of solicitor. However, particular care should always be practiced when it comes to the choice of solicitor. Finding one that possesses the right expertise for your particular need holds the key.

For instance, a solicitor that is considered an expert in divorce cases may not be the right one to handle your conveyancing issues. Your right as a client means the right to ask some background experience and qualifications from potential solicitors.

Choosing the right solicitor includes:

Setting up the first meeting

Meeting a potential solicitor in person is recommended for you to see if he/she is a good choice. The practicing certificates usually displayed on the walls of a solicitor’s office certify his/her qualifications and insurance coverage.

Discussing the process

Every step of the process should be the topic of discussion during the first meeting. Set expectations as well by asking for timeframes for the completion of the process.


Asking the solicitor about various documentation they need from you is the best way to hasten the proceedings. Delaying the process is often due to a lack of proper paperwork and documentation.

The bottom line

Establishing a good rapport with a solicitor is always recommended. The stressful legal proceedings become bearable when there’s a friendly legal expert in your corner. Contact SMR Lawyers to help lighten the burden of your current legal situation.

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