Where to find a free lawyer

If you need to find a free lawyer and you do not know anyone who works with legal aid , the first thing to do is to ask the list of the lawyers’ council of your city and then to identify a competent lawyer among the members. in the subject for which you request assistance. Only lawyers registered in the special list of legal aid (or legal aid)) can operate with debit of expenses and fees charged to the tax authorities and not to the customer. The customer at most, if he loses the case, will be required to pay only the court costs to the opponent, even if admitted to legal aid, but nothing will – not even by way of reimbursement of living expenses – to his lawyer. But let’s proceed with order and, before seeing where to find a free lawyer and how to apply for admission to that benefit, let’s make some preliminary clarification.


  • 1 Free legal aid: what is it
  • 2 Where to find a free lawyer
  • 3 How to present the application for admission to legal aid
  • 4 Where to apply for admission to legal aid

Free patronage: what is it

The citizen in serious economic difficulties who is facing a civil trial can apply for legal aid, also called “legal aid”, which allows him to act or defend himself before the judicial authority without paying the related expenses. The “serious economic difficulties” are identified in an income limit that is updated every two years: currently, the person entitled to receive taxable income for the purposes of the general income tax, resulting from the last declaration, does not exceed 11,528 , 41 euros .

Moreover, in order to be able to access free legal aid and have a free lawyer , it is necessary that the reasons of the citizen be founded (the law requires that its regions be “not manifestly groundless”). Obviously this does not mean that he is already right and that the cause will win: it is a simple approximate and summary evaluation (often judiciously evaluated), except for what the judge decides and which will be able to prove in court.

The free legal advice, the drafting of contracts, letters, warnings and anything that has nothing to do with a case is not part of the free legal aid.

Free legal aid can also operate in successive degrees of judgment and enforcement. However, the party admitted to the legal aid at first instance and who has been unsuccessful can not ask again for admission to propose an appeal, except for the action for damages in the criminal proceedings.

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