Fighting a case of domestic violence

According to the Australian family law, domestic violence is defined in the Family Law Act 1975 as any violent or threatening behavior by a person who is coercing or controlling a member of the family and causing them to become fearful as a result.

People who have had an intimate relationship in a domestic setting can put up a case in court if they have ever suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their partner. This is applicable for same sex relationship as well. In Australia family violence or domestic violence can be named differently in each state. It can also be called domestic and family violence or simply domestic abuse. These are all the terms referring to the single issue of domestic violence.

There has been research on the instances of domestic abuse and it was noticed that every one in six women had faced abuse at some point in their marriage. The numbers for men were fewer comparatively. Every one, in twenty men suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their partner.

Since domestic violence is so common it has been recorded that every ten days a female dies as a result of abuse. Despite the fact that a huge number of people face domestic violence on an everyday basis, there are a great any more who did not report the abuse ever. These are the people who continue to suffer in silence.

If you or someone you know a victim of domestic abuse there are definitely ways in which you can get help. The abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, financial and so on. You can get help in all of the following ways:

  • Get yourself to a refuge where you can get temporary accommodation
  • Stay over with friends or family. Let them know what you have been going through
  • Get help from the police or emergency services
  • Get to know your rights

Knowing your legal rights

According to the law, domestic violence is completely unacceptable. The laws are in favor of vulnerable people who could be facing instances of domestic abuse. You can visit a lawyer in Coffs harbor and they would be able to guide you on the correct way of approaching the situation. If you are seeking separation from an abusive partner, you can have the summons sent to them in the legal manner. It’s not too difficult but getting help from a family lawyer can help resolve a number of issues.

The first thing you would do is get help from your lawyer. They would guide you through the whole legal process of obtaining a divorce or putting a stay order on the abusive spouse. You may need protection as well. All these are pretty intricate and require a lot of attention to detail

When looking for a family lawyer make sure that they have experience in dealing with court matters. Look for a lawyer who has a good reputation and who can be considered reliable.


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