Divorce lawyers in Gold Coast

Separation and divorce can drain your emotions. Gold Coast divorce lawyers help in relieving stress while confronting the matter. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable, hence in a position of providing professional services and advice. A team member may also represent you in court to help you in handling various legal which will make the case successful.


They have enough experience in all matters about the law. Their services aim at solving family issues or giving professional advice in case of a divorce.


I know you are wondering which services do Gold Coast lawyers offer. Worry no more. We have the right answer for you in this article as discussed below:


Services provided by Gold Coast Divorce Lawyers


  1. Separation and divorce


These expert lawyers provide practical and useful advice about your obligations, entitlements and your legal rights. They take care of all legal issues concerning relationships, marriages or divorce.


  1. Domestic violence matters


They can deal with the aggrieved in case of domestic violence on behalf of the respondent. They are highly skilled in this field, hence the best one in giving advice and obtaining protection orders. If you want to contest at law in cases of domestic violence successfully, they are the right people to check first for necessary help.


  1. Family property settlement


In case of a divorce, they can assist in finalising any issues dealing with finance. They help in various areas such as property settlement agreements and consent orders.


  1. Adoption and surrogacy


If you want to become a surrogate parent or adopt a child, they can assist you in the adoption process or surrogacy agreement. They can also obtain parentage orders after delivery of a child through a surrogate.


  1. Same sex relationships


They give professional advice in all matters relating to the divorce process. They can advise on various relationships issues and represent family law proceedings during divorce. They can also assist in the negotiation of your parental affairs and give pre-separation advice.


  1. Compressive legal assistance in all issues concerning divorce


It is usual for a contentious divorce case to arise. It is usually advisable that a will is updated during or after divorce. The lawyers can then work with estate planning attorneys to change estate planning documents.

Getting a divorce


A divorce is issued after 12 months of separation while you are still residing in Australia. You can make an application after agreeing with your partner. They need to be aware that you are applying for a divorce.


Applications are made to the court by both of you or either of you. Usually, fees are charged for applying. The court then provides a hearing date. In most cases, it is not a must that you attend court.


Gold Coast divorce lawyers allow for a free initial consultation. All clients with questions or concerns can contact them for advice on the next step to follow.


Legal fees for divorce applications


Gold Coast lawyers charge a fee for the divorce. Their prices are mostly fixed and include preparing and filing of the divorce, arranging your application services on your spouse as well as attending divorce hearing. It also covers all other interim steps taken for a successful divorce.

Generally, these lawyers aim at providing excellent legal services to their clients. They help you in finalising the termination of marriage without any worries.

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