All you need to know about Family Lawyers Darwin

Family relationships are the main issue addressed by family law and family lawyers. The issues present in family relationships can be the most sensitive and heartbreaking.

Issues such as divorce, custody of children, child support obligations, adoption, and termination of parental rights are some of the most emotional areas of law.

This means the involvement of family lawyers in all personal areas of the life of their clients. Family lawyers in Darwin are actively involved in the law practice relating to children and relationships.


Family issues handled by Family Lawyers in Darwin


Family relationship legal problems are the touchiest and heart-rending aspects of the law. Family issues that are often handled by family lawyers include:

Pre- and post-nuptial contracts

A contract that is signed by both partners before they get married is called a prenuptial agreement. On the other hand, a post-nuptial agreement is a contract signed by both parties after they get married.

The agreements usually cover the distribution of assets, properties, and spousal support that go to a certain partner if, and when, they divorce. The agreements that cannot be included in a prenuptial contract are child support and child custody.



Divorce is the dissolution of the bonds of matrimony between two people. When people get married, they enter into a contract called marriage. This is the reason why court papers have to be filed when partners no longer want to stay in the relationship.

The decision of the court is to make a fair division of assets. Each party’s needs, their contributions to the marriage, and the length of the marriage are some of the factors that determine the court’s decision regarding assets’ distribution.

Issues such as domestic abuse and infidelity play a big part in the decision of the court.


Child custody

One of the most contested and hotly-debated issues of family law concerns child custody. The child’s best interest is often the determinant for a family court to grant child custody to a parent.

Factors such as parenting time, stable home atmosphere, and a greater relationship with the child are the things that the court has to take into consideration. Other issues that the court has to establish before child custody is granted to a parent are substance abuse or criminal record.

The role of family lawyers becomes significant when parents do not agree on the custody. Gathering of evidence such as medical records, criminal records, school records, psychologist or substance abuse counsellor testimonies and presenting them to the court are the chief duties of family lawyers.

The pieces of evidence presented by family lawyers’ plays an important part in the final decision of the court regarding child custody.


Abuse and neglect

Abuse and neglect is another sensitive and delicate issue to the family law practice. Proceedings for abuse and neglect can be initiated by a state when evidence shows a child is not properly cared for by parents.

The role family lawyers’ play in abuse and neglect proceedings is to defend their clients from these allegations. Family law lawyers’ help parents to comply with requirements and various services needed for them to regain their child’s custody. The best advocate parents can have in abuse and neglect proceedings is a family law lawyer.


Small and large law firms have lawyers’ actively practicing family law. Often, family law practitioners establish their own small firms. Look for family lawyers in Darwin who can help you sort out any legal issues you may have.


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