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Certification and authentication services for documents to be provided by notaries . It is possible to refer to this type of service not any notarial activity, but only that relating to certification and authentication services of documents.

Public authority

Other legal services that are connected, even occasionally, to the exercise of public authority .


spending savings should not be the guiding criterion in the choice that must be made by the administration

Legal services

Legal services provided by designated trustees or guardians or other legal services whose suppliers are designated by a court of the State or are designated by law to perform specific tasks under the supervision of such courts


These services are generally identified by Attachment IX of Legislative Decree 50/2016, with the indication


The Management of the Technical Legislation Training Area, as a guarantee of the commitments undertaken

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Technical Legislation believes that end-user satisfaction goes through responsible, professional and passionate employees, who are valued by the company both internally and by spending their skills outside. For us every individual is an invaluable resource and that is why the selection process and on the job training represent activities and values ​​that we are proud of.

Firm Partners

Jillian Scott

Jillian Scott, Esq. is the managing partner of RMS., established in 1983. On the basis of 80 years of stay on the market and the authoritativeness gained through its publications, the Training Area of ​​Technical Legislation combines in a practical and balanced way the legislative aspects of the context of reference to the practical ones of the profession, so that in each training path there are expert teachers from a legislative point of view to professors – technical professionals – experts “in the field”

Andrew michaels

Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. The main characteristics of our training services are the precise segmentation of end users, the accurate tailoring of products and services based on training needs, product and pricing customization , territorial penetration, teachers coming from both the reference industry and the academic world, presence of subject experts in the scientific committee, post-event consulting assistance.

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Affordable Specialisations of Legal Aid Hervey Bay

Affordable legal aid, Hervey Bay is just what you need when you need good legal advice or facing a court case in Hervey Bay. The various specialisations of the legal aid community in Hervey Bay are meant to meet all your legal needs.

Civil Law expertise

The various aspects of civil law ably handled by first-class legal experts include:

  • Estates and wills
  • Personal bankruptcy and commercial insolvency
  • Employment issues
  • Outstanding debts recovery
  • Business franchising
  • Administrative review of civil law decisions
  • Commercial and residential leasing
  • Commercial litigation and disputes
  • Personal and business contractual disputes

It can be an expensive and downright bad decision to go alone in facing any civil law case. A skilled and experienced civil lawyer is what you need to help navigate the complexities of civil law.

Family Law expertise

You can get on with your life quickly and effectively when you let family court lawyers handle the following issues for you:

  • Child support
  • Separation and divorce
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Arrangements for access to children
  • Domestic violence
  • De facto relationships
  • Property settlement
  • Other aspects related to family law

Traffic Law violations

A traffic offence is considered a serious matter in Hervey Bay. Other than losing a few demerit points, other serious consequences range from jail time, big fines, criminal charges, and a long suspension of your license.

The expertise legal aid can help you with include:

  • Speeding offences and dangerous driving
  • SPER fines
  • Special hardship licenses
  • License disqualifications
  • Good behaviour bonds

Failure is not an option when you can consult a traffic lawyer.

Drunk or Drug Driving

Your rights are the things that DUI lawyers will fight for. You have all the right to be legally represented when drug driving or drink driving offence are the charges you face.

Drunk driving and drug driving offences are considered serious matters in Hervey Bay. Being charged with a DUI offence can mean the prospect of revocation of your driver’s license, a large fine, and court appearance.

The revocation or suspension or reinstating your license are the differences an expert lawyer can do for your DUI case. However, severe penalties are imposed if you have committed a previous DUI offence.

Hiring an expert lawyer is the smartest way to support and represent you in times like this. You get a better chance to make the court see beyond the offence.

Criminal offences

You need to scout around for the best criminal lawyer if you believe that you’re about to be charged with a criminal offence. Obviously, you need the services of a reputable lawyer when you are facing criminal charges.

Some of the expert and affordable services offered by the legal aid community include:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Dangerous driving and other serious traffic violations
  • Theft
  • Drug charges to include the manufacture, possession, and trafficking of drugs
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Breaking and entering
  • Assault
  • Fraud

Leaving the criminal charges filed against you to chance is not an option for a better future. It’s best to hire the services of lawyers experienced in these kinds of lawsuits.

To say the least, hiring a lawyer is expensive. Yet, the disadvantaged also have legal rights just like everyone else. Finding legal aid in Hervey Bay is important.

How to find the best lawyer in Maryborough

One thing is clear; there are no shortages of lawyers Maryborough. However, finding the right lawyer can be tricky. Remember, the process of choosing legal services is similar to the process of selecting other services and products.

As a consumer, you, therefore, need to conduct thorough research so that you come with an informed decision. Consequently, you need to take your time and let nothing chances. Typically, there are various ways of finding the best lawyers. They include:

Ask other lawyers

Lawyers have a network. As such, they know each other very well. They, therefore, are in the best position to suggest the best lawyer Maryborough has, for your situation. They can tell you about the levels of competence, ethics, practice habits, reputation, etc.

With this information, you can assess the level of competence of the lawyer, and therefore, you can make an informed decision.

Conduct Candidate Interviews

Interviewing is perhaps one of the best ways to assess the ability of a lawyer. When interviewing them, you must have the right set of questions to evaluate the abilities of the prospective lawyer.

In these questions, you must address the experience of the lawyer in the type of legal situation you are facing, their experience in law practice, and track record. Also, they must present some certifications or special skills.  Of great importance is the fee they charge.

There are many things you need to know. So write them down before the actual interview. When it is time to make the selection, be prudent. Note that lawyers charging high prices should not be considered as the best option.

Ask other people

Hiring a lawyer is entrusting him/her with a delicate matter into their hands. So you need to hire someone who has an impeccable track record. There are many people you ask. They include:

People the lawyer has represented before: these groups of people will be able to give you firsthand experience about the lawyer or the law firm. Ask a good number of individuals, probably ten or twenty. This is a considerable number that can give you a clear picture.

Lawyer disciplinary agency: ask the agency within the area you are residing in. The agency can confirm whether the lawyer has a good standing relationship with other members of the ba

Check peer review rating: a higher rating is an indication of the best lawyer in terms of ethics and professionalism.

Check references: the number of referees can determine how good a lawyer is.

Search online

The online platform is the easiest place to conduct searches for a lawyer. All registered lawyers are posted online together with their ratings. In fact, the online platform can give the best peer review. You can look at the best among them. Note that not all lawyers are on the online listing.

You can visit the offices of the lawyer

The office of an attorney speaks more about him/her. An office that is well-run, neat, efficient, and orderly is an indication that the lawyer can handle the case. Also, look at how the staff behaves. If they are friendly, with excellent interpersonal skills, then you are in the right place.

When you notice things like unhappy staff members, empty offices, or mass disarray, they are red flags. Choose a lawyer you are comfortable with.

GS Law are lawyers in Maryborough. You may approach them for your legal questions and concerns.





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