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Certification and authentication services for documents to be provided by notaries . It is possible to refer to this type of service not any notarial activity, but only that relating to certification and authentication services of documents.

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Other legal services that are connected, even occasionally, to the exercise of public authority .


spending savings should not be the guiding criterion in the choice that must be made by the administration

Legal services

Legal services provided by designated trustees or guardians or other legal services whose suppliers are designated by a court of the State or are designated by law to perform specific tasks under the supervision of such courts


These services are generally identified by Attachment IX of Legislative Decree 50/2016, with the indication


The Management of the Technical Legislation Training Area, as a guarantee of the commitments undertaken

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Technical Legislation believes that end-user satisfaction goes through responsible, professional and passionate employees, who are valued by the company both internally and by spending their skills outside. For us every individual is an invaluable resource and that is why the selection process and on the job training represent activities and values ​​that we are proud of.

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Jillian Scott

Jillian Scott, Esq. is the managing partner of RMS., established in 1983. On the basis of 80 years of stay on the market and the authoritativeness gained through its publications, the Training Area of ​​Technical Legislation combines in a practical and balanced way the legislative aspects of the context of reference to the practical ones of the profession, so that in each training path there are expert teachers from a legislative point of view to professors – technical professionals – experts “in the field”

Andrew michaels

Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. The main characteristics of our training services are the precise segmentation of end users, the accurate tailoring of products and services based on training needs, product and pricing customization , territorial penetration, teachers coming from both the reference industry and the academic world, presence of subject experts in the scientific committee, post-event consulting assistance.

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The benefits of creating belonging in the workplace

Belonging in the workplace means that one feels that they are part of their workplace and that they have purposes in that place.  It is always perfect for employees to think that they are in the right place every time they are working in a particular area. However, there are those employees that work in specific places who feel as if they are in the wrong place at all times. For this reason, these people have a difficult time as they work with their mates.

Belonging in the place of work is very important, and as an employer, you must make sure that you have come up with ways in which you will create and foster belonging. This will be very important not only in your workplace but also for the employers. The following article describes the importance of belonging in the place of work.


1. The contributions of every employee are recognised.

One importance of belonging in the place of work is that the contributions of every employee are recognised. When working in a place where everyone belongs to that place, it is easy to identify the contributions of all the workers. The employees will not have any problem working hard for the good of their company, and hence they will end up contributing in one way or another. In case the employees live in places they do not belong, their contribution can never be reconciled, and hence they will relax in their duties.


2. It helps employers retain and hire other employees.

The other importance of belonging in the place of work is that it helps the employers retain their employees and also have an easy time hiring new employees. When employees are working in an environment where they feel that they belong to, they will love their jobs, and hence they will enjoy working in these places. For this reason, it will be tough for employees to seek employment in other places. The employers, on the other hand, will retain their employees.

Secondly, when the employed employees feel loved and recognised, they will find themselves telling other people about their place of work and how they think as they work. This will make people seek employment at the company, and hence the employers will have an easier time finding and hiring new employees.


3. People have the courage to speak up.

When people have a sense of belonging in their place of work, they will have the courage to speak up whenever they need to speak up. This is because employees do not fear each other, and they also know that by speaking up, someone is listening to them and will come to their rescue. For this reason, in case the employees are facing any problems, the problems will be solved, and life in the workplace will be made more accessible.


4. It leads to an increase in output in the workplace.

When everyone has a sense of belonging in the workplace, you will have better results, unlike when other people feel as if they should be excluded. This is because the workers who have a sense of belonging will have an easier time working together, trusting each other, helping each other and trying to solve the problems that are affecting their place of work. For this reason, the results of these workers will be better.



Fighting a case of domestic violence

According to the Australian family law, domestic violence is defined in the Family Law Act 1975 as any violent or threatening behavior by a person who is coercing or controlling a member of the family and causing them to become fearful as a result.

People who have had an intimate relationship in a domestic setting can put up a case in court if they have ever suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their partner. This is applicable for same sex relationship as well. In Australia family violence or domestic violence can be named differently in each state. It can also be called domestic and family violence or simply domestic abuse. These are all the terms referring to the single issue of domestic violence.

There has been research on the instances of domestic abuse and it was noticed that every one in six women had faced abuse at some point in their marriage. The numbers for men were fewer comparatively. Every one, in twenty men suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their partner.

Since domestic violence is so common it has been recorded that every ten days a female dies as a result of abuse. Despite the fact that a huge number of people face domestic violence on an everyday basis, there are a great any more who did not report the abuse ever. These are the people who continue to suffer in silence.

If you or someone you know a victim of domestic abuse there are definitely ways in which you can get help. The abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, financial and so on. You can get help in all of the following ways:

  • Get yourself to a refuge where you can get temporary accommodation
  • Stay over with friends or family. Let them know what you have been going through
  • Get help from the police or emergency services
  • Get to know your rights

Knowing your legal rights

According to the law, domestic violence is completely unacceptable. The laws are in favor of vulnerable people who could be facing instances of domestic abuse. You can visit a lawyer in Coffs harbor and they would be able to guide you on the correct way of approaching the situation. If you are seeking separation from an abusive partner, you can have the summons sent to them in the legal manner. It’s not too difficult but getting help from a family lawyer can help resolve a number of issues.

The first thing you would do is get help from your lawyer. They would guide you through the whole legal process of obtaining a divorce or putting a stay order on the abusive spouse. You may need protection as well. All these are pretty intricate and require a lot of attention to detail

When looking for a family lawyer make sure that they have experience in dealing with court matters. Look for a lawyer who has a good reputation and who can be considered reliable.


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