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Certification and authentication services for documents to be provided by notaries . It is possible to refer to this type of service not any notarial activity, but only that relating to certification and authentication services of documents.

Public authority

Other legal services that are connected, even occasionally, to the exercise of public authority .


spending savings should not be the guiding criterion in the choice that must be made by the administration

Legal services

Legal services provided by designated trustees or guardians or other legal services whose suppliers are designated by a court of the State or are designated by law to perform specific tasks under the supervision of such courts


These services are generally identified by Attachment IX of Legislative Decree 50/2016, with the indication


The Management of the Technical Legislation Training Area, as a guarantee of the commitments undertaken

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Technical Legislation believes that end-user satisfaction goes through responsible, professional and passionate employees, who are valued by the company both internally and by spending their skills outside. For us every individual is an invaluable resource and that is why the selection process and on the job training represent activities and values ​​that we are proud of.

Firm Partners

Jillian Scott

Jillian Scott, Esq. is the managing partner of RMS., established in 1983. On the basis of 80 years of stay on the market and the authoritativeness gained through its publications, the Training Area of ​​Technical Legislation combines in a practical and balanced way the legislative aspects of the context of reference to the practical ones of the profession, so that in each training path there are expert teachers from a legislative point of view to professors – technical professionals – experts “in the field”

Andrew michaels

Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. The main characteristics of our training services are the precise segmentation of end users, the accurate tailoring of products and services based on training needs, product and pricing customization , territorial penetration, teachers coming from both the reference industry and the academic world, presence of subject experts in the scientific committee, post-event consulting assistance.

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Information on Hiring Solicitors in the Gold Coast

Legal issues can be hard to deal with. Some can be emotional. Others can be complicated, but one common thing is that litigation is draining both physically, and mentally. Around the Gold Coast area, you will find a large number of solicitors all ready to help you ease your ligation journey.

For all your legal concerns, you should seek out the advice and input of trained professionals. Even though your case does not seem to complex, you need a qualified expert on it.


Why You Need a Good Solicitor

Firstly, the law is not easy to comprehend if you have not gone through intensive and thorough training. Also, in any litigation case, you will end up being emotionally attached. Thus, you need a third party to oversee the details. Solicitors know what they are doing and will keep their work professional.
Furthermore, you end up saving more than you are spending. For most people, the idea of getting legal services feels like a huge financial burden. You need to consider all the things that could go wrong if you misrepresent yourself. There is a possibility of money loss, compromise of assets or worse, jail time.
Finally, solicitors know what they are doing. You will get proper representations as they will bring in expert witnesses to contribute to your case.

A good solicitor will engage all their available resources to ensure your case is well presented, and you get the right results. Knowing the advantages of having one should be backed up by the methods you can use to ensure the solicitor you have works best for you.


Qualities to Look for While Hiring a Solicitor

There are numerous choices to pick from in the Gold Coast area, the main thing you need to do when it comes to selecting who works for you is first, custom tailoring your needs. You need to fully understand why you need legal services and which area of expertise your solicitors Gold Coast should major in. In some cases, your needs will be varied, and you need different areas of expertise. Consult your solicitor of choice on how your diverse issues will be handled.
Also, you need to review their previous experiences in dealing with cases like yours. This will give you insight into their level of knowledge. You also need to establish before you start working with them who your person of contact is going to be. Though they avoid having a dragged-out case, you will need constant updates on the progress you are making for however long it takes.
Consequently, the time frame of your case will, in any case, impact the cost you will incur. Inquire about extra charges that might come up and ask for a quote that covers all expenditure. In conclusion, the person you hire should be relatable. They should be keen on listening to your needs and dedicated to helping you.

There are many things to consider when it comes to hiring legal aid, and with every decision you make, you determine the outcome of your case. However, it is important to remember that your solicitor should be available when needed, and they should portray knowledge in changes and advancements happening in the industry. Also, you should feel comfortable confiding in them and trust their advice on decision making.


Finding the Right Commercial Law Firms in Melbourne

A commercial law firm in Melbourne is responsible for handling their client’s business litigation matters. It could be anything to do with the legal issues which are related to their particular organization or business.

Commercial law firms are further divided into departments. These are also known as practice areas. Here each lawyer practices in a special genre of the law. You can either choose to hire a transactional lawyer or a contentious lawyer. There are some lawyers who specialize in both the genres.

Transactional lawyers help their clients through drawing up contracts and other legal documents which their clients would require to ensure their business runs smoothly. On the other hand contentious lawyers usually help their clients resolve disputes within the company and also with other businesses.

What are some of the basic practice areas of a commercial law firm in Melbourne?

  • Corporate law. The corporate lawyers in a law firm are responsible for handling their client’s business legalities which pertain particularly to their organization. They prepare the necessary documents and give a look over to all the business transactions made by their clients. Hiring a corporate lawyer is a sure fire way to ensure that all legal aspects of the business run smoothly and without problems.
  • Financial and banking law. This is also a part of commercial litigation. As the name suggests these layers are generally associated with banks and see to the financial aspect and transactions within the banks. On the other hand a finance lawyer can also choose to represent people doing transactions with a bank. In this case they make sure that the legal rights of their client are fully protected. All clauses in the banks contract are explained clearly to the borrower or the lender. The lawyer makes sure that their client’s understand the intricacies of taking a loan from the bank. Also they make the client aware of when they should make the next monthly installment so as to avoid a penalty by the bank.
  • Dispute resolution lawyers. Such lawyers make use of dispute and resolution policies. Sometimes a dispute can be resolved amiably in the lawyer’s office. If on the other hand the proceedings go to court, the lawyer would draw up the legal documents and would guide their clients accordingly. These lawyers are also responsible for helping their clients avoid the negative aspects of the disputes.
  • There are also some other areas in which a commercial law firm deals. These would include tax, real estate and employment law.

The right law firm would help you deal with any issue which is related to your organization and company. While there are many commercial law firms in Melbourne, it is necessary to go for one which has a good name and reputation. This would be important because you should have some assurance that the lawyers who you hire are the right people for the job. For more information on company law and litigation, make sure you talk to commercial lawyers in Melbourne.

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